Frequently Asked Scholarship Questions


  •  Should I wait until I raise my ACT score to apply?
    No. Do not wait to apply. If you already meet the minimum requirement for an Arkansas Tech University Freshmen Academic Scholarship and wish to be considered, apply now and not later. Last minute applications are sometimes incomplete.  Consider what would happen if you have an unexpected snow day and your transcript can’t be sent. There will be no acceptable excuse for an incomplete file since the student will have had almost their entire senior year to complete it.
  •  How do I apply for a Freshmen Academic Scholarship?

    The application for undergraduate admission serves as the scholarship application.  There is not a separate scholarship application to complete; however, an early admission status is required.  An early admission file includes an application for undergraduate admission, current high school transcript with a qualifying GPA and ACT/SAT exam score, and immunization records documenting two MMR vaccinations.  The application for undergraduate admission and all supporting documentation must be on file by November 15 to receive priority scholarship consideration and February 15 for final scholarship consideration.

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  •  How will I know when my scholarship file is complete?
    You will receive both a letter in snail mail and an email correspondence once your scholarship file is complete. Scholarship updates are sent periodically to your personal email listed on your application for admission.
  •  Does ATU use superscores?

    Superscores or recalculated ACT scores using subset scores from multiple exams will not be accepted.

  •  I am traditional-aged, but opted to take the GED. Am I still eligible for a Freshmen Academic Scholarship?
    Traditional–aged students who have scored a minimum of 680 on the GED and have a qualifying exam score (ACT or SAT) may be considered for Freshmen Academic Scholarships.  Request for scholarship consideration should be made to the Office of Admissions via email at or by phone at 479-968-0343.
  •  What if I complete my file and then raise my ACT composite?
    Report the scores to us! You can always report subsequent raised ACT or SAT scores to us prior to the February 15 deadline.  Applicants who are awarded during the priority scholarship round and raise their scholarship levels prior to the final scholarship deadline will be considered for an increase to the appropriate award levels prior to second round awards being made.  The national February ACT exam will be the last results accepted for scholarship consideration.
  •  What if I complete my file and then raise my class rank or GPA?
    Ask your counselor to resend your transcript that documents the increase in rank or GPA, or fax an additional copy to us at (479) 964-0522. Each transcript received will be audited for increases once a student has applied for admission.
  •  Do I have to apply for federal aid?
    Yes. If you are awarded a scholarship in December or February, you will be expected to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA can be completed from October of your graduation year through spring. Remember that in order to receive state-funded scholarships like the Arkansas Academic Challenge/Lottery Scholarship, you will have to complete the FAFSA anyway. To be considered for lottery-funded awards, you should complete the universal application for Arkansas state scholarship programs. The current posted deadline for high school seniors is June 1.
  •  Are there other sources of university assistance if I do not qualify for a Freshmen Academic Scholarship?
    Yes. You may also apply for Foundation/Private scholarship awards too! All universities have alumni or donors who specify scholarship funds for certain majors or students from certain geographical areas. The deadline for our Foundation/Private awards is February 15. Print the application now.
  •  My parents are alumni. Do you have a special award program for me?
    Actually, our current awards system for our Freshmen Academic Scholarships will take into account if you report family who are alumni, but we also have a specific alumni scholarship award that is separate. To read more, visit our Alumni website.
  •  I am from out-of-state. In all that is listed, what applies to me?
    Students who live in Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas are considered in-state for tuition purposes and will be considered for Freshmen Academic Scholarships. A limited number of out-of-state scholarship awards are made to students who live outside of Arkansas and its contiguous states. Out-of-state students are also eligible for Foundation/Private and Alumni Scholarship awards.
  •  If I receive a scholarship, do I have to live in campus housing?

    Yes. Academic scholarship recipients must live in a residence hall or receive an exemption to the residency requirements from the Residence Life Office in accordance with established University policy. Recipients are responsible for making on-campus housing arrangements.

  •  If I applied for the regular Freshmen Academic Scholarship will the University Honors Program automatically have my information?

    No. The University Honors application process is completely autonomous. If you have a minimum of a 27 ACT or equivalent SAT or are in the top 10% of your graduating class and have a 3.50 minimum high school GPA, you should investigate the benefits of being selected into Honors. The University Honors application deadline is December 1, allowing those who are not selected and have also applied for the Freshmen Academic Scholarships the opportunity to be considered for the academic scholarship awards.

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  •  How much is my scholarship?
    Go to to determine the maximum award for current Tech Freshmen Academic Scholarships.  Students who received scholarship awards prior to fall 2017 should refer to their original scholarship offer letter or the Undergraduate Catalog for their award year at
  •  What is the last day to update my schedule for the hours to qualify for my scholarship's minimum enrollment?
    For either the Tech scholarships or the Arkansas Department of Higher Education (ADHE) awards, your enrollment is reported as of the 11th class day of each term. This date varies with each term, so be sure to check with the Financial Aid Office to determine what this date is before you change your schedule. Any additions after the 11th class day to meet the minimum required enrollment will not be considered.
  •  When will I get my refund?
    Refund dates and other important dates are posted on the Student Accounts website at
  •  Why has my scholarship not credited to my account?

    Ask yourself the following questions. Have you:

    • Been officially admitted to Arkansas Tech University's Russellville campus?
    • Registered for the correct number of hours? (15 hours for all Tech academic scholarships)
    • Filled out your FAFSA at
    • Signed up for on-campus housing, if required?
    • Turned in all required documents to Financial Aid prior to the deadline (August 1 for Continuing Scholarships and December 1 for Freshmen Scholarships)?
  •  Why did my scholarship credit for the fall term, but not the spring term?

    Ask yourself the following questions. Did you:

    • Meet the renewal requirements for the scholarship? Refer to your original scholarship award letter or the Undergraduate Catalog for your award year at for Tech scholarships.
    • COMPLETE your FAFSA and all required paperwork prior to the deadline (August 1 for Continuing Scholarships and December 1 for Freshmen Scholarships)?
    • Register for the correct number of hours? (15 hours for all Tech academic scholarships)
  •  How do I keep my scholarship?

    Refer to your original scholarship award letter, the Admissions web site at, or the Undergraduate Catalog for your award year at for specific details on your Tech scholarship award. In general, students are expected to:

    • As an incoming freshman, you must enroll in a minimum of 15 hours and complete 12 hours during your first semester. Your second semester, you must enroll in and complete a minimum of 15 hours. However, a total of 30 earned hours is required for the fall and spring semesters of your first year. Transfer hours, AP, IB, or CLEP credits do not count toward renewal. For each semester thereafter, you must enroll in and complete 15 hours.
    • Earn the required minimum GPA. For scholarship recipients starting fall 2010, you must retain a 3.0 semester GPA during your first and second semester. A 3.25 semester GPA is required each semester thereafter. Scholarship recipients prior to fall 2010 need to refer to their award letter for GPA requirements.
    • Honor the Arkansas Tech University Code of Conduct.
  •  Can I appeal a lost Tech academic scholarship?
    Under extreme circumstances, such as severe illness or a death in the immediate family, scholarship appeals are considered. Please send a detailed letter including supporting documentation, if appropriate, to the attention of Alisa Waniewski, Associate Director for  Academic Scholarships, Office of Admissions, Brown Hall, Suite 104, 105 West O Street, Russellville, AR 72801. Decision notification from the scholarship appeals committee will be sent to your mailing address as recorded in our student information system.