Frequently Asked Questions

1098-T FAQs


  •  Is Direct Deposit more convenient?
    Yes! Signing up for direct deposit allows for you to not have to come into our office and potentially wait in lines, as well as make it so you do not have to go to the bank to also wait in line to deposit it.
  •  Do I turn in scholarship checks I receive into your office?
    No. Scholarships checks go to the Financial Aid Office.
  •  How can I pay my bill?
    Every semester we offer an online payment plan that is available through your OneTech portal (Student Tab, My Account box, Setup a payment plan). You can also pay your account in full via OneTech (Student Tab, My Account box, Pay your account in full). Other options include coming in and paying the full balance with cash, check, or debit/credit card, or calling and paying with a debit/credit card over the phone. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards.
  •  What is the difference between Amount Due and Account Balance?

    Account Balance is your true or actual balance.

    Amount Due is the amount that was due as of the last Bill Date. 

  •  What do I need to do if I'm locked out of my OneTech account?
    You will need to contact the Help Desk at (479) 968-0646 so they can reset your your password.
  •  Can I pay in full even if I am on the payment plan?
    Yes, you can pay in full through the OneTech portal or contact Student Accounts directly.
  •  I was told I have a student accounts hold on my account. What is this and what does it prevent?
    Anytime you have a balance due on your account you will have a student accounts hold. It prevents registration and transcript requests.
  •  Where do I get my transcript?
    The Registrar's Office handles all transcript requests.
  •  Can I have my payroll check direct deposited?
    Yes. You need to fill out a direct deposit form and return it to the payroll office in Brown Building Suite 410.
  •  Can my refund check be mailed to me?
    If you do not want to sign up for direct deposit, we can mail your check out. To have your check mailed to you, you must submit an email request to from your OneTech email that states your T number, mailing address, and requests your refund check to be mailed to you. We process these requests as quickly as we can, but typically direct deposit is a quicker process.
  •  How do purchase a Duplicate ID?
    You will need to go to the Student Accounts Office and pay $25.00. Take your receipt to the ID Card Office and they will make you a new ID.
  •  Explanation of Fees

    Undergraduate and Graduate students - All fees are per credit hour
    Student Activity Fee - Allows students access to activities throughout the semester (athletic events, movies, etc.)
    Health/Wellness Fee - Helps fund additional health services for students.
    Technology Operations Fee - Allows students to access technology on campus and provides upkeep of technology equipment.  This includes, but not limited to, the Internet, OneTech and Blackboard.  Students have access to these resources in the Ross Pendergraft Library, Residence Hall, and Classroom Buildings, just to name a few.  Offsets costs of written communication to students.  Includes, but not limited to, weekly student newspaper, postcards and brochures mailed to students' mailing addresses.

    Athletic Student Fee - Allocated to the athletic programs.  In the past, this fee resided in the tuition charge and then allocated to the athletic program with a transfer.  This was noted at the bottom of student statements ($5.50 ($11 O/S) per credit hour allocated to Athletics).  Beginning with the Fall 2016 semester, it was separated into its own fee.

    Facilities Fee - Upkeep of building, grounds and classroom equipment.
    Instructional Support Fee - This money is used so that Arkansas Tech University stays in compliance with Higher Education mandates.  Allows students to request as many transcripts as needed as long as the student's account is in order.

    Public Safety Fee - Supports operational costs to include a communication center, deferred maintenance, security improvements, student success programming, fulfillment of strategic plan goals and mass notification costs.

    Library Fee - Enables expansion of digital research subscription offerings, archival software and library book inventory.

    Distance Learning Fee - Additional funding for online and mixed technology classes.

    Course Change Fee - Cost to add/drop a class during a given semester.