Master of Liberal Arts

Come study "under the sword" of King Arthur. Learn to understand the social and psychological thought processes behind some of the greatest minds of our time. Understand the Southern Gothic and know about the role of the "South" in the world of literature. The MLA Program at Arkansas Tech University has multiple paths for the students (young or old) that feel like continuing their academic adventure, whatever the purpose.

Arkansas Tech University offers its Master of Liberal Arts Degree to those seeking something outside the normal bounds of a single discipline-based program. The MLA at ATU is about reaching beyond into the interdisciplinary realms. Whether it's to deepen one's knowledge as a teacher, professional, or simply as a scholar, students have three major fields to choose from: Communication, Social Sciences, or Fine Arts. The Degree requires 30 hours of graduate work. Arkansas Tech University offers a variety of Financial Aid for those who qualify. For more information, please follow the helpful links on this page, or for questions, please contact Dr. Wilson at (479) 968-0482 or by e-mail