Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate

Arkansas Tech University Faculty Senate is an elected representative body that acts on behalf of all ATU faculty. All Faculty Senate meetings are open, and all faculty members are welcome to participate in discussions at meetings. The Faculty Senate provides a forum for ATU faculty to participate in discussion about their concerns.

Membership of the Faculty Senate will be established according to Article II, Section I of the Constitution of the Faculty Senate of Arkansas Tech University. For elected members, a term equals three years, and no senator may serve more than two consecutive terms.

Serve as a committee on committees that include elected faculty members and shall act for the faculty in all curricular matters other than those involving changes in general academic policies, and for the faculty or the administration on matters referred to it for action; serve as an advisory body to the faculty on matters involving aca­demic policies and to the administration or the faculty, as appropriate, on any other matter of general concern to the University.

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Responses to some of the questions received through this channel will occasionally, when feasible, be posted to the Faculty Senate Blog.

Faculty Senate Blog

  • How To Get Something on the Faculty Senate Agenda

    Contact your Faculty Senate Representative—The easiest and most efficient way to raise an issue or get an item on the Faculty Senate agenda is to contact your representative.  The representatives, by college, are listed at the following address:  http://www.atu.edu/facultysenate/senators.php   Email the Faculty Senate Chair/President—You may contact the Faculty Senate Chair directly through the email […]

  • Responses to Feedback

    When feasible, Faculty Senate will respond to questions received through the Faculty Senate website.  Many of the comments will require further discussion or investigation with relevant offices on campus.  As such, not every comment received will be posted and responded to, but we will try to respond to those comments and concerns that can be easily addressed.