Procurement & Risk
Management Services


Effective March 6, 2017 with the addition of Travel Services we now are ATU Procurement, Risk Management, and Travel Services. The current Travel Services staff is now located in the East End of the Young Building across the hall from Procurement. We welcome them to our team and look forward to working together to provide our campuses with guidance and assistance through both the proucurement and travel booking and reimbursement processes.

Check out the new Travel Services website!

Effective November 1, 2016 the process of purchasing a conference registration on the P-Card will follow these updated guidelines. A summary of the guidelines is listed below. The P-Card Manual and training video have been revised to include this new information. Please contact us (968-0269) with any questions. Thank you

Please obtain appropriate approvals before making any registration charges on the P-Card. The approval limits below have been approved by the Executive Council for conference registrations. Proof of the approval can be a signature on the P-Card log or an email attached to the log. Grant accounts will require approval from the Budget Office.

·  Under $500.00 -Department Head

·  $500.00 – $999.99 -Dean

·  $1,000.00 and over –Vice-President

·   International any amount – Vice-President

Steps to follow for P-Card Conference Registration

1. Obtain the appropriate approval based upon the guidelines above.

2. If you are a P-Card holder, proceed with making your conference registration, remembering that no forms of entertainment may be paid for by the University. If not, please contact your departmental administrative assistant or designated P-Card holder to arrange for payment. In State Registrations use account code 704805. Out of State Registrations use account code 704810.

3. Retain a detailed receipt of the conference registration listing all components of the conference registration fee.

4. Submit all receipts and/or approval documents with P-Card log to Procurement at the end of the billing cycle.

Mission Statement

Procurement and Risk Management Services is a unit established to support the educational and research missions of Arkansas Tech University. It is staffed by procurement professionals who have the requisite knowledge, skills and training to assist University personnel in the purchase of required goods and services. This expertise insures that procurement decisions will be made in the best interest of the University and in compliance with the State of Arkansas procurement law and University policies.

Departmental Goals

  • To obtain necessary goods and services for all University departments in a cost-effective, efficient and timely manner.
  • To secure the highest value for each dollar spent.
  • To offer assistance and training opportunities for University faculty and staff to promote understanding and practice of proper purchasing procedures.
  • To manage insurance coverage for University property and insure that claims are submitted efficiently.
  • To ensure fair and equitable treatment of all persons/vendors who deal with the University.
  • To encourage, promote and increase participation in small and minority-owned businesses in the procurement process.
  • To maintain a high level of professional ethics and integrity.

General Guidelines

ATU procurement polices and procedures can be viewed here.

Only Procurement and Risk Management Services has the authority to issue purchase orders. Requisitions are "requests" for commodities or services, and do NOT constitute a legal order. Orders placed by an individual without a purchase order are the financial responsibility of that individual.

If a mandatory State of Arkansas Contract exists for a commodity, the University MUST order through that contract. Search State of Arkansas Contracts.

All printing regardless of the dollar amount must be bid. Printing is defined as "commercial printer's ink, using a commercial printing press, produced on paper". This does NOT include xerographic or digital copies.

Purchases may not be "split" to avoid a bid situation. If requisitions from two or more departments are received for the same commodity, bids will be issued if the total exceeds the Small Order limit.

Electronic Requisition Training

Banner Electronic Requisition Training is available via the web here (OneTech log-in is required). After viewing the videos, please call 968-0269 if you would like to schedule additional training. In-person training sessions will require 1 hour.

Petty Cash

The dollar limit for petty cash is $75.00. Contact Student Accounts at 968-0271 for additional information.


Travel requests are processed through Travel Services 479-356-6209.