Engineering LLC

The Engineering LLC is an interdisciplinary opportunity for electrical and mechanical engineering majors to build community through academic collaboration, high impact practices, and interactive living environments that promote higher learning. Living in the Engineering LLC also its residents the opportunity to attend classes with peers from your hall, connect to faculty inside and outside of class, form study groups in LLC access only study lab, and gain quick access to Corley Hall.


Engineering Activity

What to Expect

  • Private study lab with computers and a 3D printer
  • Out of the classroom interactions with multiple engineering professors
  • Exciting hands on programs related to engineering
  • Networking opportunities
LLC member in Engineering lab

Did You Know?

Our Engineering LLC offers exclusive workshops for  participants in this program held in the hall’s private study lab.



Engineering LLC

Location: Jones Hall
Restrictions: incoming freshmen
Application: none
Fee: none
Roommate Policy: Roommate must participate in the Engineering LLC, major in mechanical or electrical engineering, and agree to be enroll in the courses aligned with LLC.
Course info:Intro to EE or ME & Math Learn More







Engineering LLC

Dr. Patricia Buford
Associate Dean for the College of Engineering & Applied Sciences
Corley Hall / Russellville, AR 72801

Phone: (479) 968-0338