Phonathon Callers

Arkansas Tech Phonathon

The phonathon contacts alumni, friends, and parents of Arkansas Tech each academic year.

We want to connect with you! Here’s why:

  • To learn how your Tech experience has impacted and served you
  • To update your records with the university and strengthen your ties to Arkansas Tech
  • To ask for your annual support to help advance Arkansas Tech through philanthropy

When you answer the call, you help keep Arkansas Tech an excellent and strong institution and allow us to help students become the best and brightest.

Give Online

To fulfill your Phonathon gift online, click here.

Join the Call Center Program

All students are encouraged to apply and join their fellow Tech students at the Call Center. If you are interested in applying to work for the Tech Loyalty Fund Phonathon, click here.

For more information about the Phonathon, please contact:

Caroline Vining

Director of Annual Giving Programs