Arkansas Tech depends greatly upon every gift made to our university. As we move into the future and continue providing a first-rate college education, it is our desire to thank those who have given so much to us – alumni, students, parents, and friends.

With your support, we know that Tech will continue to prove why it is the most affordable and innovative college experience.

Every gift you make changes a student’s life! Thank you for making a difference!

Donor Spotlight

"We plan to continue to support the University and its programs for many years to come.  In short we love Tech, its people, and what the institution stands for – opportunity for students, perhaps from modest beginnings, perhaps “late bloomers,” academically speaking, to go as far as their abilities will take them.  Tech means opportunity.  Gifts to the Arkansas Tech Foundation can make that opportunity more available to today’s students and those to come.”

Dr. Richard Cohoon 

“I tend to give to organizations that are valuable to the community; education is very important, therefore Tech is very important to the community.”

Mrs. Mary Cohoon

“I want to give a little back, because every bit helps.  I know that it helps to cover items that are not covered in the regular budget.  The most important reason is…our daughter Charlotte, she graduated from Tech.” 

Mrs. Connie Zimmer

“The Arkansas Tech Foundation is important to Arkansas Tech because it gives us additional money to do extra things for the benefit of our students.  I direct my donations to our graduate school because it is a dream of ours to be able to offer more scholarships for our graduate students.”

Dr. Eldon Clary

"I think it is important to give to the Arkansas Tech Foundation because I value the opportunities that our students have here.  My mother is a Tech alumna, and I have admired the contributions that she and many others like her have made to the River Valley community.  The Arkansas Tech Foundation is a great way of giving back to Tech and our community."

Mrs. Tracy Cole

“Tech was such a welcoming place for me when I joined the faculty in 2001. There is a genuine sense of camaraderie amongst the people here.  Since Tech has made me very much ‘part of the family’, I want to show my commitment to that ‘family’ through my committee work and financial support.”   

Dr. Hanna Norton