Program in Chemistry

ChemLabThe program and all of the degrees are certified by the American Chemical Society (A.C.S.). The primary purpose of the chemistry program is to educate students in an area of science which is rapidly expanding. The chemists of today are involved in the development of a multitude of new materials such as plastics, drugs, and agricultural products. Research chemists are conducting studies of the fundamental nature of matter which lead to expanded knowledge in medicine and biology. Each course in chemistry stresses laws, theories, and applications in the lecture portion and offers students the opportunity to have hands-on experiences with equipment in laboratories.Chemistry is one of the highly recommended courses of study for students interested in pursuing careers in a variety of professional endeavors such as the health sciences: medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, and allied health fields.

The professional option is especially recommended for students who plan to pursue graduate studies in chemically related fields or those persons wishing to seek employment as industrial chemists.

The biochemistry option is primarily designed to provide the background needed for students seeking entrance into professional medical or dental schools (pre-med). It will also greatly benefit students seeking technical jobs that require multidisciplinary training in biology and chemistry as well as an abundance of science laboratory skills.

The general option is specifically designed with a minimum of required courses so that students, in cooperation with their faculty academic advisors, can exercise a maximum degree of flexibility in tailoring programs to meet their individual aspirations. By judiciously choosing electives, individuals can enrich these minimum requirements to prepare for futures in law, technical marketing, environmental science, computer science, technical writing, toxicology, education, technical illustration, engineering, health sciences, and biochemistry.

Chemistry also offers an environmental option. The objective of this curriculum is to bring together the disciplines of chemistry, biology, and geology as applied to the environment. Emphasis will be on interdisciplinary approaches to environmental studies.

Chemistry majors must earn a grade of C or better in all chemistry courses (including transfer credits) in order to satisfy graduation requirements.

 Benefits of an Approved A.C.S. Program

  • Approved departments are staffed by accomplished faculty, contain a modern and well-maintained infrastructure, and provide a coherent chemistry curriculum.
  • Employers find graduates of approved programs to be better prepared for technical employment.

The A.C.S. annual approval process provides a mechanism for departments to evaluate their program, identify areas of strengths and opportunities for change, and leverage support from their institutions and external agencies.