Welding Technology

Associate of Applied Science Degree

Welding Technology

(60 Semester Credit Hours)

  •  1st Semester
    Course # Course Name Hours
    TMAT 1203  Technical Mathematics II
    (or higher math) 
    WLD 1103  Introduction to Thermal Cutting 
    WLD 1202  Blueprint Reading 
    WLD 1212  Industrial Safety in Welding 
    WLD 1224  Introduction to Arc Welding 
    WLD 1302 Metallurgy 
    Total Hours    16
  •  2nd Semester
    Course # Course Name Hours
    ENGL 1013  Composition I 
    WLD 1405  Position Welding 
    WLD 1503  Gas Metal Arc (MIG) Welding 
    WLD 1603  Gas Tungsten Arc (TIG) Welding 
    Total Hours   14 
  •  3rd Semester
    Course # Course Name Hours
    ACR 2134  Boiler Operations  4
    ENGL 1023  Composition II 
    WLD 1403  Welding for Trades and Industry  3
    WLD 1702  Weldment Testing 
    WLD 1804  Certification Welding I* 
    Total Hours   16 
  •  4th Semester
    Course # Course Name Hours
     3 Hours Any Approved Social Science1 
    ACR 2124  Sheet Metal 
    BST 1303
    CIS 1113 
    Introduction to Computers
    Fundamental Computer Operation 
    WLD 2804  Certification Welding II 
    Total Hours   14 

1See appropriate alternatives or substitutions in "General
Education Requirements"

*Usually offered in Summer