Enology & Viticulture

Certificate of Proficiency


The Certificate of Proficiency in Viticulture is a course of study that prepares students for entry-level employment in a computerized field. This certificate of proficiency may be applied to the Technical Certificate in Viticulture.

Course # Course Name Hours
VIN 1113  Introduction to Viticulture
VIN 1132  Winter Viticulture and Vineyard Establishment
(prerequisite: VIN 1113) 
VIN 1152 Summer/Fall Viticulture
(prerequisite: VIN 1113) 
VIN 2112 Integrated Pest Management
(prerequisite: VIN 1113) 
VIN 2933 Soils for Viticulture 
Total Hours   12 


To receive a Certificate of Proficiency, application must be made to the Office of Student Services. Students must be currently enrolled to request a Certificate of Proficiency be awarded.