Bridge to Excellence Freshman Mentoring Program

B2E helps guideTech freshmen as they transition to college by providing motivation and support to help improve academic success, increase retention and encourage persistence to graduation.

How B2E works...

  • All entering fall freshmen are given the opportunity to take the Noel-Levitz online College Student Inventory (CSI) to determine his/her academic, social and financial readiness for college and the FOCUS 2 to explore their educational and career goals.

  • Students who complete a CSI and FOCUS 2are assigned a volunteer faculty or staff mentor who works one-on-one with new students to help them make a smooth and successful transition to college.

  • The volunteer mentor arranges a meeting to discuss the mentee's potential needs as identified in the CSI Student Report and offers guidance regarding their education and career goals identified in the FOCUS 2 assessment. Recommendations are made and follow-up meetings are encouraged.

  • The mentor also serves as the freshman's "go-to person" whenever they have questions or concerns about any college-related issue.

For the past twelve years, freshmen who participated in the B2E program have returned at a greater rate than non-participants and have also maintained a higher grade point average (GPA) than non-participants.


What students have to say...

At the end of each fall semester, freshmen are anonymously surveyed about B2E, and here are some typical comments:

"I loved my B2E mentor. He helped me with whatever I needed and still checks in with me to make sure I'm on the right track."

"To me, I like the fact that I have someone on campus who knows the answers to my questions and that is willing to help me out."

"I really like the B2E mentoring program because it helps incoming freshman at least get comfortable and know different programs that are offered at Arkansas Tech."

"My mentor made me feel comfortable instead of the meeting being strictly business. I made a friend from it. She also helped with general knowledge of the college."

"I think the most helpful thing my B2E mentor did was just let me know that he was there if I needed anything. I think just knowing I had the support of someone besides my family really helped me through my first semester."

"He told me that everything I'd ever wanted was within my reach, and that if I was willing to try for it, itcould all be mine. That meant a lot to me - someone really believing in me other than my family."

"My B2E mentor helped me with the transition from high school to college and gave me good advice on how to get around campus and some study tips. She also was available whenever I needed her, and that was reassuring."


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