College of Business

"The world of business is exciting and dynamic! We strive to constantly evolve so that we deliver the pre-professional business experiences you deserve. Why? It's because you and your success are our top priorities! I invite you to contact me to learn more about us and then join us. You'll see for yourself."

Ed Bashaw, Dean - College of Business

AACSB ReAccred Pic 2015 CropPictured: Dean Bashaw (center left) and Associate Dean Jones (center right) pictured with AACSB officials


Mission Statement

We produce quality business professionals, from a traditionally underrepresented business student base,  prepared to meet the demands of our dynamic marketplace.


Vision Statement

We will be known for the opportunities we create for our students.  Keys to our success will be to help make our students career-ready by:
· proactively crafting relationships and experiences,
· guiding professionalism, and
· attracting appropriate resources that help make our students career-ready.