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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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General Information

  •  Where are you located in Arkansas?
    The state of Arkansas lies on the central southwestern part of the United States. Russellville is located on Lake Dardanelle, approximately halfway between Little Rock (Pulaski County), the capitol of Arkansas state and Fort Smith (Sebastian County), and is the seat of Pope County. The largest town in the county, it is home to Arkansas's only nuclear power plant, Arkansas Nuclear One. A major business center of the area, it is home to Arkansas Tech University and ten divisions of Fortune 500 companies. For more information on Russellville, AR please visit
  •  How is the weather in your city?
    Russellville, AR, gets 49 inches of rain per year. The US average is 37. Snowfall is 3 inches. The average US city gets 25 inches of snow per year. The number of days with any measurable precipitation is 90.On average, there are 223 sunny days per year in Russellville, AR. The July high is around 93 degrees. The January low is 27. Our comfort index, which is based on humidity during the hot months, is a 27 out of 100, where higher is more comfortable. The US average on the comfort index is 44. The highest average temperature in Russellville is August at 80.7 degrees. The coldest average temperature in Russellville is December at 40.6 degrees. The most monthly precipitation in Russellville occurs in September with 5.5 inches.
  •  What type of public transportation system you have in your town?
    Russellville is a small town. As of 2014, Russellville's population is 28,068 people. Since 2000, it has had a population growth of 15.54 percent. Due to this size of population, there is no public transportation system. There are few taxi services are available. Most of the citizen of Russellville drive private car. Some rides bike.
  •  What is the approximate off campus housing rental rate in your town?
    The median home value in Russellville is 10.8% greater than the Arkansas average and 35.1% less than the National average. The median rental rate in Russellville is 1.8% less than the Arkansas average and 28.3% less than the National average. The living cost in Russellville is cheaper than the average cost in the United States
  •  How safe is the campus?
    Russellville is a very safe city. Russellville is safer than 21.3% of the cities in the nation. The crime rate in Russellville is less than other cities in Arkansas.Department of Public Safety (479-968-0222; at Arkansas Tech University patrols the campus and the area surrounding the campus 24 hours a day.
  •  Is on campus housing guaranteed?
    It is recommended that housing application must be completes as soon as possible. There no hundred percent guarantee in getting a room immediately. All residence hall space is offered on a first come, first serve. For detail information and enquiries please visit our housing web site at .
  •  Is staying on campus optional?
    Single students under 21, and with less than 60 hours of college work completed are required to live on campus. Students who live off campus without specific permission from the University are subject to disciplinary action including responsibility for all back charges for room and board incurred while living off campus.
  •  Do I have to have a meal plan?
    Yes, if you live in the residence halls, you are required to have a meal plan. However, those students who live in the University Commons Apartments and Vista Place are not required to have a meal plan.
  •  Can I have a meal plan even if I live off campus?
    If you leave off campus you will not have meal plan but you may add money (Wonderbucks) to your student ID through the Student Accounts Office. Wonderbucks are funds added to your student account that can be used at any of the Chartwells locations; Chambers Cafeteria, Baswell Technionery, and the convenience store located in Doc Bryan. Wonderbucks can also be used at the Bookstore located in the Young Building, athletic event concessions, and at the library for printing. Wonderbucks can be reloaded at any time in person at Office of Student Accounts or on their website, for your convenience.
  •  What are the rules to cancel housing contract or change the room?
    The contract that you sign is a legally binding contract, which means that you can be held to the terms of the contract for the entire contract period. In the residence halls, the housing contracts are for the full academic year. In the University Commons Apartments, you have the choice to sign a 9-month or 12-month contract. Please read the contract carefully before signing. Room changes are not permitted until after the second week of classes. During "move-on days", you will have an opportunity to do room changes. However, all proper paperwork must be completed and turned in within the scheduled time period. Check with your Residence Assistant (RA) to find out when "move-on days" are.
  •  Do students stay on campus during the semester break (Winter break & Summer)?
    You need to make special arrangement with the residence life office (479-968-0376; to stay in dorm during the break.
  •  Is cafeteria open during semester break?
    Cafeteria has different hours during semester break. Please visit our cafeteria website for detail and hours at .
  •  Who do I contact if I have more questions regarding housing?
    You may contact the residence life at 479 968 0376; ; ; or visit
  •  Is it mandatory to have health insurance for international students?
    Health insurance is mandatory at Arkansas Tech University for international students and their accompanying dependents (spouse and/or children). Health care can be very costly in the USA; The USA does not have a national health care plan and the services may be restricted if you do not have health insurance. Due to these reason our university offers an international student health insurance plan. You must have an active international student health insurance throughout your studies in the USA.Approximately how many international students do you have in your university?We have more than 450 international students out of overall 12, 000 total enrollments at Arkansas Tech University.
  •  Approximately how many international students do you have in your university?
    We have more than 400 international students out of overall 12, 000 total enrollments at Arkansas Tech University.
  •  The majority of students are from which countries?
    Our university has international students from thirty two different countries around the world. Most of our students are from China, India, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Nepal and more.
  •  Are you interested in increasing country diversity?
    Yes, we very much interested in increasing country diversity at our university.
  •  What is the average class size in your University?
    The class size varies in undergraduate and graduate program. And also it varies depending on the level. In general it is around thirty to fourty in undergraduate class, and around fifteen to twenty in graduate program.
  •  Is there any specific important item that I must bring with me to the United States?
    In general, there are some very important items you will NOT want to pack in your checked baggage; rather, you will want to have them handy at all times and packed in your carry–on bag. These items are:

    Prescription medicine
    Money (For taxi rides to and from airports, phone calls, emergencies, etc...)
    Other official documentation

  •  How far is the Airport from Arkansas Tech University?
    It is about 1 h 19 min (79.7 mi) by driving via highway         I-40 W.
  •  Is there any specific arrangement to pick up new students from the Airport?
    Yes, IMSSO usually will arrange one free airport pick up shuttle before orientation. For more date, time and signing up information please visit  
  •  Is there any special arrangement for disabilities at the University?

    Yes, for more information please visit

    Their phone number is Phone: +1(479) 968-0302.




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