Make Your Pacesetter Gift


What are the Pacesetters?

The Pacesetter campaign is a tradition at Arkansas Tech University. Every year, the Pacesetter committee educates students about the importance of giving back. Look around you: the campus and the community that you are now a part of has been made better by those who came before you and made gifts to the Arkansas Tech Foundation.
As we continue to build for the future by building on the foundations of the past, graduates who wish to give as part of the class gift may do so online here or by returning this form.

What are the Loyalty Pacesetters?

The Loyalty Pacesetters is an honored group of alumni who have made a gift to Tech every fiscal year since graduation. Your first gift will begin your association with this prestigious society.

Who are the Loyalty Pacesetters?

Click here to see a list of those who have supported Arkansas Tech by making a gift during their graduation year.

What are the benefits?

2016 Pacesetters ShirtMany donors say that just knowing they are making a difference is immensely satisfying. However, there are some special benefits to making your gift of $20.16 before December 31, 2016. These include:

  • The Class of 2016 T-shirt
  • Membership in the Loyalty Pacesetters Society
  • Your signed name on the Class of 2016 Banner displayed during your graduation at Tucker Coliseum
  • Three personalized certificates honoring those who have impacted your education

Why should I give?

Alumni, parents, and friends of the University provide support each year to fund scholarships, academic programs, and more. As you prepare for graduation, the Pacesetter campaign will give you the opportunity to thank them for their generosity – and take part in a standing tradition that will benefit the Tech students who follow you. Here are why some of your classmates chose to be a Pacesetter:

"The education and experience I received at Arkansas Tech is invaluable. I know that my donation will help play in to even more students' lives like myself and for that I give.” – Evan Gray ‘16

“Giving back to Tech is something that comes from the heart; it is a chance for me to return the support and love and show my sincere appreciation.” - Linda Du ‘14 & ‘16

"Giving back to someone who has invested in you brings nothing but joy and a sense of pride" - Chris Hoover ‘16

Past Pacesetter Campaigns