Student Portal Instructions

  •  Returning Student Accommodation Renewal Guide
    1. Go to the Disability Services website at and scroll towards the bottom of the page. Two icons will be visible on the left side of the page under the Student Resources Tab.
    2. Click on the second icon “Login to the Disability Services Portal”.
    3. Enter your OneTech username and password in the appropriate fields.
    4. Click on the Sign In icon to proceed to the Student Dashboard.
    5. You are now logged into the portal and are at the Student Dashboard. Scroll down the page to Step 1: Select class(es). Check the box next to each course for which you are renewing accommodations.
    6. Read Student Rights and Responsibilities before proceeding to the next step.
    7. Click on the Continue to Customize Your Accommodations icon to proceed.
    8. The classes you’ve enrolled in this semester should be visible to you. Your approved accommodations are listed below the course information. Select the accommodations you require for each class. You do not have to select accommodations for a course if they are not needed.
    9. Select the check box if you would like for AIM to email this accommodation letter to your instructor(s).
    10. Click on the Submit Your Accommodation Requests icon.
    11. The system will display a green checkmark indicating your request was successfully submitted.
    12. You may review your request by scrolling down the page. Your request is automatically approved providing you have not selected an accommodation that requires explicit review and approval each semester. You may check the status of your request, modify your request, or cancel your request at any time.
    13. A copy of your notification letter will be sent to your OneTech account for your records. Please remember that you must log into the portal and submit your request for accommodations each semester.


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