Priority Registration Procedure

The purpose of this procedure is to define the guidelines for students, staff, and faculty to follow with regard to a priority registration accommodation.

For the purposes of this policy, priority registration shall be defined as: Permitting a student with less than 60 or more earned hours to enroll beginning with the first day of the registration period for the upcoming semester.

  1.  Priority registration allows eligible undergraduate students early access to the registration system.  
  2. Priority registration is considered a reasonable accommodation for students with disabilities as illustrated by the following examples: 
      1. Individuals with a mobility disability which prevents them from getting from class to class in a timely fashion,
      2. Students with a chronic health condition who need to carefully schedule classes around medication schedules,
      3. Students undergoing periodic medical treatments (for example, chemotherapy or dialysis) which preclude class attendance at certain times or certain days.
  3. Students seeking a priority registration accommodation must register with the Office of Disability Services (DS), complete an intake interview with the Director of DS/designee, and formally submit a request for the accommodation. The Director of DS/designee will review and evaluate each request on a per semester and case-by-case basis. Supporting documentation may be required.
  4. The Director of DS/designee will evaluate the student’s request in terms of the impact of the disability and demands of the student’s proposed schedule for that semester.
  5. The Director of DS/designee will verify the student’s eligibility for a priority registration accommodation for a particular semester in a written letter to the appropriate University departments (for example, Office of the Registrar, Academic Advising).
  6. Priority registration does not override any institutional or department policy (for example, the need for academic advisement or removal of holds.)
  7. The priority registration accommodation is valid for one semester only. Students must meet with the Director of DS/designee each semester to review the student’s proposed course load so that a determination can be made regarding the need for a continued accommodation.

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