Department of Behavioral Sciences

The Behavioral Sciences Department includes the allied disciplines of psychology, sociology, anthropology, criminal justice, and rehabilitation science. The student is offered the opportunity to develop an understanding of human behavior via the distinctive approach of each discipline as well as an integrated view of interpersonal, social, and cultural activities.

The department has several distinctive goals. It gives basic preparation which may lead to advanced study. It provides a career line for work in state and local agencies and programs. It provides practical experience and skills in human services. Finally, it offers electives to support other programs of study in the University.

The student may select a major in Psychology, Sociology, or Rehabilitation Science. A Professional Studies degree emphasizing Criminal Justice is also available. In addition, the student may select an Associate of Science in Criminal Justice or in Ozark-Ouachita Studies or a minor in Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, Rehabilitation Science, or Criminal Justice.

While each area outlines a complete program below, one of the objectives of the department is to maintain maximum flexibility of planning with each student within the context of the broad range of offerings. Each student is encouraged to consult with a departmental advisor at the earliest opportunity to develop a program appropriate to his/her interests and goals.

Contact Information

Dr. David Ward, Head

Witherspoon Hall, Room 348
(479) 968-0305


Robin Bowen, David Ward, Penny Willmering

Associate Professors

Sean Huss, Joshua Lockyer, David Osburn, Julie Mikles-Schluterman, Jason Ulsperger, Jason Warnick

Assistant Professors

Steven Berg, Nate Chapman, Paul Hickerson, Rebecca McHugh, Justin Moss, Jennifer Samson, James Stobaugh, Jordan Thibodeaux, Rebecca Wiewel, Erica Wondolowski


Jennifer Willbanks


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