Paramedic/Emergency Medical Services

Associate of Applied Science Degree

(60 Semester Credit Hours)

  •  Fall
    Course # Course Name Hours
    BST 1303 or CIS 1113 Introduction to Computers or Fundamental Computer Operation
    ENGL 1013  Composition 1 
    HSCI 1113  Medical Terminology 
    HSCI 1123  Human Anatomical Structure I 
    TMAT 1203 Technical Math II (or higher math)
    Total Hours   15 

    Students must apply to and be admitted into the technical phase of the Paramedic program before taking any of the EMTP courses below. Students must be currently licensed with the Arkansas Department of Health Division of EMS as an EMT or have taken, and passed with a grade of "C" or better, an Emergency Medical Technical course within the last two years and be eligible to take the state exam prior to being admitted into the program.

  •  Spring
    Course # Course Name Hours
    HSCI 1243  Human Anatomical Structure II 
    EMTP 1232  Pharmacology (prerequisite: TMAT 1203) 
    EMTP 1233  Medical Emergencies I w/Lab (prerequisites: ENGL 1013) 
    EMTP 1234  Clinical Practicum I (co-requisite: BST 1303) 
    ENGL 1023  Composition II 
    Total Hours   15 
  •  First Summer Session (five week courses)
    Course # Course Name Hours
    EMTP 2111  Clinical Practicum II (prerequisite: EMTP 1234) 
    EMTP 2112  Cardiology I
    EMTP 2113  Life Span Development 
    Total Hours  
  •  Second Summer Session (five week courses)
    Course # Course Name Hours
    EMTP 2211  Clinical Practicum III (prerequisite: EMTP 2111) 
    EMTP 2213  Emergency Medical Services Operations 
    EMTP 2221  Cardiology II Lab (co-requisite: EMTP 2222)
    EMTP 2222  Cardiology II (co-requisite: EMTP 2221) 
    Total Hours   7 
  •  Fall
    Course # Course Name Hours
    EMTP 2313  Medical Emergencies II w/Lab (prerequisite: EMTP 1233)   3
    EMTP 2316  Paramedic Internship (prerequisite: EMTP 2211) 
    EMTP 2322  Assessment Based Management
    EMTP 2323  Trauma Management 
    3 Hours  Social Science Elective
    Total Hours   17