Industrial Control Systems

Technical Certificate

Industrial Electronic Technology

30 Semester Hours

The Technical Certificate in Industrial Electronic Technology is designed to enhance the technical skills and job-related knowledge of individuals who are currently employed in the industrial field as well as other persons seeking careers in Industrial Systems. The majority of the technical courses are offered on a flexible schedule on campus, at off-site industrial locations and on the web. Courses taken for the certificate may be applied to the Associate of Applied Science degree in Industrial Systems.

  •  Fall
    Course # Course Name Hours
    ICS 1123 Semiconductors I (Co-requisites:  ICS 1163 and ICS 1173)  3
    ICS 1163  Fundamentals of Electricity I (DC Circuits) (Co-requisite:  ICS 1123 and ICS 1173) 3
    ICS 1173 Fundamentals of Electricity II (AC Circuits) (Co-requisite:  ICS 1123 and ICS 1163)  3
    ICS 2123  Industrial Fluid Power  3
    2 hours  Approved Elective Credit 2
    Total Hours   14
  •  Spring
    Course # Course Name Hours
    BST 1003  Business English 3
    ICS 2213  Semiconductors II (prerequisite: ICS 1123)  3
    TMAT 1103  Technical Mathematics I (or higher math)  3
    2 hours  Approved Elective Credit  2
    Total Hours   11
  •  1st Summer Session (five-week course)
    Course # Course Name Hours
    ICS 1143  Introduction to Digital Logic 
    2 hours  Approved Elective Credit 2
    Total Hours   5