General Technology

Associate of Applied Science Degree in General Technology

Law Enforcement 

(60 Semester Credit Hours)

  •  1st Semester
    Course # Course Name Hours
    BST 1303
    CIS 1113
    Introduction to Computers
    Fundamental Computer Operation 
    ENGL 1013  Composition I 
    LE 1003  Introduction to Law Enforcement
    LE 1013  American Legal System 
    TMAT 1203  Technical Mathematics II (or higher math) 
    Total Hours   15
  •  2nd Semester
    Course # Course Name Hours
    LE 1023  Judicial Process 
    LE 1043  Criminal, Civil, and Juvenile Law 
    LE 1033  Public Relations in Law Enforcement 
    LE 2003  Interview, Interrogation, and Testimony 
    LE 2013  Introduction to Computer Crime 
    Total Hours   15 
  •  3rd Semester
    Course # Course Name Hours
    BST 1043  Professional Communication 
    ENGL 1023  Composition II 
    LE 1113  Ethics in Law Enforcement * 
    LE 2103  Crime Scene Investigation 
    3 hours  Approved Elective ** 
    Total Hours   15 
  •  4th Semester
    Course # Course Name Hours
    6 hours Approved Elective **
    ANTH 1213
    PSY 2003
    SOC 1003 
    Introduction to Anthropology
    General Psychology
    Introduction to Sociology
    LE 1123 Community Disaster Response *
    LE 2113  Introduction to Terrorism 
    Total Hours   15 

* Usually offered in Summer

** Approved Elective coursework must be selected from LE electives or approved by LE Program chair.